What May Day Strikes Mean for 3PL Ecommerce Fulfillment

Date: May 1, 2020

Workers Shout Mayday on this May Day

In an attempt to make their needs heard, on this May Day 2020, workers at companies like Amazon, Instacart, Target, and Whole Foods are leading massive strikes and encouraging boycotts against their employers for failure to provide basic protections to their essential workers. These walkouts and work stoppages could potentially extend if needs are not met, leading to longer term disruption to the supply chain and ultimately to consumer product deliveries.

For many people, these strikes have raised concerns that these work stoppages may continue and ultimately disrupt the supply chain and interrupt product deliveries to people trying to abide by Stay at Home orders. With most states still under Stay at Home orders, buying behavior has shifted to ecommerce wherever possible. In fact, in our own customer base, we’ve seen 3PL ecommerce fulfillment increase more than 81% year over year.

With Amazon prioritizing shipments to focus on essential goods, compounded with increasing workforce tensions, companies may need to seek additional channels for storing, picking, packing, and shipping their products if they want to protect revenue streams.

3PLs Offer an Ecommerce Fulfillment Alternative

At our recent Customer Advisory Board meeting in March, our 3PL Central customers spoke about competing with Amazon for workers and seeing a revolving door of talent. With offers of attractive compensation, 3PL warehouses found their employees lured away to the competing distribution centers. Often, they would see those same workers return in search of more reasonable hours, the smaller business environment, and family atmosphere that allowed for a more balanced and safer lifestyle.

For retailers concerned about their supply chain, consider working with a 3PL warehouse experienced with fulfilling ecommerce orders. Diversifying your ecommerce fulfillment strategy may offer one of the best chances for business continuity and long-term success in these uncertain times.

Our 800+ 3PL Central customers offer distribution from more than 1,800 warehouses across North America. They offer high quality fulfillment services from paperless warehouses, based on a foundation of 3PL Warehouse Manager WMS software to drive order accuracy, program efficiency, and inventory visibility. We’ll happily connect you with 3PL providers in our network.

For 3PLs with capacity or not currently supporting ecommerce fulfillment, speak with an expert today to get set up with the industry’s leading Warehouse Management System to drive efficient operations, connect to pre-built ecommerce shopping carts, and take advantage of supply chain disruption.

Rachel Trindade

Written by Rachel Trindade

A modern marketer with a passion for blending analytics and creativity, Rachel helps companies grow their talent and prepare for the future. With more than 20 years of experience across Marketing, Product Management, Customer Success and Field Operations, she offers a unique and balanced vision to the business. As Chief Marketing Officer at 3PL Central, Rachel's responsible for strategic planning and execution of all marketing and go-to-market efforts.