The Five Last-Minute Cyber Monday Tune-Up Tips

Date: November 20, 2017

How To Prepare For The Holidays

Cyber Monday 2016 was not just the biggest shopping day of that year's Thanksgiving weekend – but the biggest single shopping day in all of history1.With eCommerce predicted to grow by as much as 12% this year, it is almost certain that Cyber Monday 2017 will be even bigger2.

And as we all know, it will be here in exactly one week. Indeed, consumers have already been flooding your customers’ eCommerce sites for some time now. In fact, according to the National Retail Federation, 40% of customers begin their holiday shopping as early as October3.  Which means your 3PL needs to finalize its preparations now.

To help you in these efforts, we at 3PL Central have compiled a list of five top “tune-up” tips we recommend for Cyber Monday 2017. Our list includes:

Tip 1 - Coordinate With Your Customers! Your customers are planning to push special items, run specific promotions and offer loss-leader deals. You need to know what these are beforehand so you can support your customers’ plans. Talk to them so you’ll know.

Tip 2 - Allocate Your Staff Strategically! Pre-assign your staff in anticipation of the needs of those customers’ whose volume is likely to be the highest. Drill them on those customers’ brand image requirements so they can be executed faithfully under heavy pressure and tight deadlines.

Tip 3 – Pre-Prep Your Inventory Placement! Now that you know your customers’ plans, you can rearrange their inventory so that the higher volume and faster-moving SKUs can be retrieved and fulfilled in the most efficient manner possible.

Tip 4 - Test Every Connection in Your Fulfillment Chain! You’ve worked to build seamless connections from your suppliers to your delivery partners. But make sure you test them all before the Tsunami of orders hits. This includes both digital – and human – connections. This is not the time for unexpected glitches.

Tip 5 - Test Your Performance on Your Customers’ eCommerce sites – Especially Mobile!  All of your efforts will flounder if your customers’ inventory doesn’t show up accurately online. This includes desk-top, tablet – and especially mobile. According to Gartner Research, as much as 50% of all U.S. digital commerce will be driven by mobile devices4.

The good news, of course, is that along with tremendous volumes, Cyber Monday will also bring the prospect of tremendous profits – and the opportunity to make all of your eCommerce customers very happy. We hope our 5 tune-up tips will prove to be of value to you – and wish you the best this holiday season.





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