3PL Intelligence Initiative - Delivering Improved Time to Value for Peak Season

Date: August 6, 2019

3PL Central recently announced our 3PL Intelligence Initiative to improve warehouse operations and performance. This comprehensive program is based upon extensive customer research to help 3PL warehouses move from a traditional paper-based warehouse to an efficient, paperless, modern warehouse that delivers complete visibility into warehouse operations for management and customers.

Based on over 250 hours of in-depth interviews, group discussions, and on-site process audits focused heavily on warehouse operations for both B2B and ecommerce fulfillment, this Initiative is set to pave the way for warehouse success in time for the holiday peak seasons.

Improved Time to Value

The 3PL Intelligence Initiative includes a streamlined implementation methodology – designed to reduce time to value for new customers, a comprehensive suite of services to better support existing customers, and a broad range of user experience advancements across the product. All with the focus to improve not only B2B fulfillment, which offers an important source of revenue for many third-party warehouses but also ecommerce and omnichannel fulfillment where workflows can become more challenging; even for the most seasoned warehouse.

Many of our customers have already taken full advantage of these offerings. In fact, our customers are going live with their newly purchased warehouse management system (WMS) 41% faster. In 30 days or less, our customers are seeing increased operations and a decrease in labor costs – which offers the services and value required to keep warehouse customers happy.

“We are extremely happy with our 3PL Central implementation experience,” said Jennifer Lyles, owner of Brite Fulfillment Solutions, who were on-boarded in 29 days. “We were impressed by our dedicated Implementation Manager, they were very knowledgeable and helped us configure 3PL Warehouse Manager specifically to meet the need of our business. My experience with the team has been nothing but exceptional, and we are already seeing the benefits of our investment.”

Our Trusted Partners and Customer Advisory Board

3PL Central also worked closely with our company’s Customer Advisory Board (CAB) members during this past year. This group were key to the success of the 3PL Intelligence Initiative. Through a series of one on one meetings as well as collaborative full-day sessions, 3PL Central partnered with these customers to understand how they were using the system and the enhancements they would like to see. These conversations with leading 3PLs like 3G Warehouse, Avid Logistics, Brilliant Fulfillment, Green Applications, Mitsui-Soko, Point B Solutions, Sweetwater Logistics, WorldPac, and Woodland Global were crucial to the product enhancements delivered this summer, as well as setting the path for functionality that will be delivered in the year ahead.

“Participating in the 3PL Central Customer CAB was tremendously valuable. Not only did 3PL Central incorporate our feedback into their future direction, but the CAB also provided us an opportunity to connect with our peers, share ideas and understand trends in the industry,” said Nancy Henger, Owner of Brilliant Fulfillment. “It was refreshing to see a company that truly takes its customers’ concerns to heart as we do. We look forward to a long-lasting partnership with 3PL Central for many years to come.”

Peak Season Playbook

What’s Next?

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