3PL Central Supply Chain Scholarship

Date: September 17, 2020

Investing in the Future of Warehouse Management Education

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” This quote by Benjamin Franklin speaks to not only the value of education for individuals, but it can also speak to the value of education for companies. Many may think only the individual benefits from higher education, but in reality, knowledge and learning together is the rising tide that raises all ships. Continued learning allows individuals to improve themselves and become more valuable in the job market. It also helps improve companies who hire and listen to these individuals. In the end, knowledge can improve and enhance many parts of a business while a growing knowledge base helps the entire industry.

With the logistics industry facing one of the largest labor shortages, 3PL Central wanted to contribute to this cause of higher education by creating the 3PL Central Supply Chain Scholarship.

Why is the 3PL Central Supply Chain Scholarship Important?

Like we noted before, knowledge and education are the rising tides that raise all ships. And if this year has taught us anything, it’s that technology and innovative thinking are the keys to success and incremental improvements that will benefit the logistics industry. As the supply chain communities continue come together to focus on today's challenges, we need take a moment to listen, acknowledge, and foster the future of our growing industry. 3PL Central hopes to help the next generation of logistics leaders so they can tackle tomorrow's warehousing and supply chain management challenges.

What’s does this Supply Chain Scholarship Entail?

The 3PL Central Scholarship will provide a $2,500 lump sum scholarship aimed to financially assist those that are looking to expand their knowledge and contribute to the rising tide of the supply chain and logistics industry. Anyone pursuing a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Supply Chain, Logistics, or Operations Management at an accredited college or university in the United States is eligible to apply.

To be considered, applicants must submit a maximum 1,000-word essay on what they believe to be the next big advancement in warehousing or inventory management. Now’s the time to for students to share their innovative ideas, and it’s time for those of us in the industry to listen. Submit your essay to scholarship@3plcentral.com by December 1, 2020 in order to enter our Spring 2021 selection.

For more details about requirements and eligibility, please visit our scholarship page here.

If you or anyone in your family know someone going to school for the supply chain & logistics, please forward them this article and encourage them to apply while thinking about the future of our industry.

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Daniel Zimmerman

Written by Daniel Zimmerman

Daniel is an experienced digital marketer, having formerly worked for some of the biggest digital marketing agencies in Southern California. Now tackling the logistics industry, he specializes in utilizing the right medium to find and show customers WMS solutions to pain points they face every day.